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2020 Best Gifts for Wine Lovers

I love the holiday season. And granted, this year is a bit different, but I still enjoy giving and receiving thoughtful, unique gifts.

Many wine retailers and bloggers have already put their faves out. So, I’ve been scouring through them to see which ones looked the awesomest.

The California Wine Advisory put out their list a few weeks ago, and I love many things on their list.

I love that CWA’s top pick is a waiter’s corkscrew or wine key. They run from the inexpensive to the elaborate and extravagant. ($5 - $35+) And they're probably the most practical gift to give any wine drinker.

I own a few of them, and I can tell you from experience, you can never have too many. One of my personal favorite wine keys I’ve had for more than 20 years. It has a wheeled foil cutter instead of a knife, so I could travel with it safely and easily.

My 20+ year old wine key. It says "Glen Ellen" on it. And it's slightly bent, but still works great!

Travel Tip from a former flight attendant: TSA doesn’t take corkscrews unless they have a bladed foil cutter. So, I had my trusted waiter’s wine key with me on every trip!

I also love the wine pearls and think they would be lovely living here in Florida. Running from $12 - $20, they’re really an affordable little luxury, especially with my stemless plastic wine glasses at the beach.

And it would be perfect with a fancy wine purse like this one. Now, that’s a great day at the beach!

And speaking of traveling, I’m totally in awe of these wine wings. Designed by a pilot, they protect your wine bottles from clanking up against things, like a little air-filled pillow around your bottle. How lovely is that?

It didn’t make the CWA list, but I’m also in love with this insulated travel case that holds three full bottles of wine. Because you never know when you're going to need three bottles with you. Maybe for a trip to the winery? Or just a day trip with friends. It's good to be prepared.

Wine Enthusiast also came out with their list for 2020 of the most gifted items. There are several things on their list that I’m in love with, too. Some of the items on their list are more for liquor, like whiskey. (I’m in love with their whiskey flight set.)

But this post is about wine stuff…

I’m especially in love with these beautiful wine bottle mosaic lanterns. They come in a set of four, each one unique and lovely.

One thing I’m a huge fan of that practically any wine lover will enjoy is the wine tumbler. I got one of these for my birthday and absolutely LOVE it. It’s an insulated stainless-steel tumbler with a lid.

A lid may not seem important if you don't live in a sub-tropical climate. But in Florida, we have a lot of flying insects that seem to like wine as much as I do. I really hate fishing those little buggers out of my glass.

I also made sure to find some fancy short straws to use with my lovely wine tumbler. They’re a perfect match.

Now, for some beautiful and custom wine lovers’ gifts, you’ve got to check out Just type in “wine gifts,” and you’ll see so many amazing, personalized gifts, you won’t know which one to choose.

I’m dying for this sommelier’s presentation board. It’s absolutely gorgeous. And will make any wine drinker look extra fancy.

And the t-shirts! There are so many fun and adorable wine-themed t-shirts like this one. And of course, to really top off 2020, you can grab some of these face masks, sure to make anyone smile.

2020 may have been quite the shit year, but at least we can still drink wine and dream about next year. I’m really looking forward to sipping quite a bit of wine as we go through the next few weeks, spending even more time with my family and snuggling up with my doggies.

If you don’t know anyone who appreciates wine as much as you do, you can always treat yourself to some of these fabulous gifts. Go ahead. You deserve it.

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