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How to Choose a Universal Wine Glass

Wine glasses come in so many different sizes and shapes. It can be pretty overwhelming trying to find one universal glass that fits you and the type of wine you prefer.

But it really shouldn’t be so complicated. I’m going to break it down for you and simplify this process.

What Is a Universal Wine Glass?

Let’s first talk about the idea of a universal wine glass. When you’re going for a glass of wine, the glass should enhance the varietals' flavors and aroma. That’s why there are so many different sizes and shapes.

The basics for choosing a wine glass are pretty simple – a bigger bowl for reds, a narrower one for whites, and flutes for all things sparkling.

But who has the money or space for so many different types of wine glasses? I surely don’t!

So, how can you choose one glass to rule them all?

Modern Wine Drinking – Anyone Can Play

Universal wine glasses make choosing the right wine glass pretty simple. The universal glass has a bigger bowl and a tapered top. The bowl is big enough to allow plenty of air into the glass to aerate the red varietals. The tapered top protects acidity and enhances the aromas of the whites.

You can choose universal wine glasses in either crystal or glass. Crystal is preferred, but more expensive. You can find economical sets in glass, but glass is thicker and less desirable for many wine connoisseurs.

But if you’re not bothered by the thickness of your glass, you can easily find affordable universal wine glasses for your cabinet. The hand-blown glass sets are exceptionally nice and not as thick as regular glass options, while still quite affordable.

To Stem or Not to Stem

Universal wine glasses come with stems and without. If you’re concerned about the warming effect, which will happen when you’re holding a stemless glass by the bowl, then you can choose your universal glasses without stems.

Stemless glasses are the epitome of casual wine drinking. They’re awesome for just chilling with friends on the sofa or on the patio.

But if you want some fancier glasses and you’re not concerned with the temperature of your wine, find a set with some nice stems. They will make any dinner party that much fancier.

If you’re looking for the perfect set of universal wine glasses, check out this list on Amazon. There’s something there for everyone in different styles, shapes, materials, and prices.

I personally love my set of Reidel stemmed glasses, but there are so many great choices, it’s hard to narrow down just one.

Here’s a Toast to You

In the modern era of wine drinking, you can drink your wine from just about any glass. I’m not ashamed to admit I will take a glass in a red Solo cup if that’s what kind of party I’m attending.

Side note: I’ve since replaced the Solo cup with some really fun plastic wine glasses that I love to take to the beach and outdoor BBQs. They’re super fun!

When your wine glasses become a point of question for you, you’re just elevating your wine drinking game. And that’s completely fine.

Choose a wine glass that you love. It doesn’t have to be complicated at all. When you find a glass you like, you’ll enjoy your glass no matter what any expert says.


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